VC Message

 As a great gift for the cultural grandeur and the spiritual ambience of Karnataka state, Dr. Gangubai Hangal University of music and performing arts has been established in Mysore, the cultural capital of the state. The chief motto of this University is to preserve and develop the ideological knowledge sources in the midst of globalization and liberalization.

                Amidst the surge of unprecedented changes in today’s globalized situation, this University has got the harculient task of preserving and developing the knowledge sources for music and performing arts of the country. The University has elaborated this most ambitious mission with its indomitable conviction, consistent commitment and diligent work culture.

                The KSGH University was incepted during the academic year of 2008-09 on 14-02-2008. Having completed 07 years successfully, the University is presently offering 10 courses in different Music and performing arts and at present it is attracting the attention of the young aspirants as well as the public in general. The University has become the centre / central place for the pursuers of fine arts which is evidently seen in the policy adopted by the University to provide an academic platform for all kinds of performing arts in the country with its twofold functional academic pattern of both the modern and Gurukula systems of Education which is indicative of the depth and the vastness of the University scope. In the materialization of the vision of this University, we are very proud of having a wonderful team of teaching and the administrative staff which comprise the entire good will of the University. Many privately run music schools and organizations have expressed their earnest inclination to get affiliated with our University and the preliminaries of the process of formal affiliation and the establishment the University is expanding with nodal centers throughout the state have been in progress.

                   Music, the universal language, classical dance, the medium of the emotional expression of human life and drama the platform for the enactment of the serious issues of contemporary life etc.The amalgamated spirit of all these art form has become the prologue to the bright future of our University. The proactive, administrative support by the district administration of Mysore and the encouragement and positive response of the state government towards the actualization of the vision of the University have not only been praiseworthy but also a great gesture of the state governance at the cultural preservation of Indian music and performing arts. Indual aboth way to preserve and propagate and promote our Indian Classical Performing Forms and make it as best University across the globe. 


Dr. Sarvamangala Shankar
Vice - Chancellor