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The Karnataka Kalashree Award Winner
Vidushi DR. SARVAMANGALA SHANKAR, M.A., Music., M. Phil., Ph.D.,
Vice – chancellor, Karnataka State Dr. Gangubai Hangal
Music and Performing Arts University, Mysore – 570 004.


          Hailing from a traditional family of Music Lovers, Dr. Sarvamangala Shankar was born in 30th March 1954 as the daughter of Sri S. C. Rajashekhar and Smt. Parvathamma Rajashekar, at the wellknown historic place Srirangapatna. Having completed her schooling at Vivekananda Shishuvihara Government Primary School, Government Girls Middle School, Government High School at Srirangapatna. She did her PU at the College of Fine Arts, Mysore till the completion of her B.A. in Music. She did her M.A. in Music at the department of dance , drama and music in Bengaluru University. She was initiated into the World of Music by Sri. Rangappa and Smt. Shantakumari and later the horizon of her music knowledge was extended with her diligent pursuit of the higher studies in Karnataka Music at the feet of Veteran Musicians like Vid. Bellary M. Sheshagiriachar, Vid. B. Krishnappa, Vid. Anur S. Ramakrishna, Padma Bhushana Vid. R. K. Srikantan, Vid. V. Ramarathnam, Vid. Gowri Kuppaswami, Vid. B. S. Vijayaraghavan, Vid.Ra. Vishveshwaran, Vid. T. Puttaswamayya etc., She successfully completed her University Courses i.e., B. Music (From Mysore University) and M.A. in Music with First Class at Bengaluru University. Later she did her M.Phil, with distinction on “The Contributions of Vachanakaras to the field of Music” she got a special acknowledgment from Department of Kannada and ulture , Karnataka Government by giving cash prize for securing highest marks in M.Phil degree from Bengaluru University. She presented her Ph.D., thesis entitled “A Musical Study of Swaravachanas” with the UGC sponsored fellowship i.e., FIP Teacher fellowship for doing research.

          After serving for sometime in the Department of Music of the Bengaluru University and Maharani’s Arts College, she worked as the principal of the ‘Ramya Lalithakala Vidyalaya’ for 8 years . She had been chairing the Department of Music as Associate Professor in Music at the Maharani’s Arts, Commerce and Management College, Bengaluru for 27 years. Apart from having been a Graded Artist in Akashavani and Doordarshan since 1982, She has shown her stupendous creativity in music rendering, composing and directing. The Musical Productions for Broadcast on different aspects of Vachana Sahitya, titled ‘Basava Ballida Bhakti’, ‘Muddu Krishna’, ‘Vairagyanidhi Akkamahadevi’, ‘Akkamahadevi – The August Feminist’, ‘Ranjani’ etc. Many Sangeetha Sabhas, the Government Sponsored Musical Concerts, the private organizations arranged programmes and the media have availed Dr. Sarvamangala Shankar’s expertise in music by rendering concerts in Karnatak Music, Light Music and Devotional Music, inviting her as the Judge for many dance and Music festivals and competitions. She has invited several times by AIR Bengaluru to present her music in front of invited audience. She has also worked as Music Composer and an anchor. She has presented many musical live programmes from Dooradarshan and also invited for experts interview live Television Programmes like ‘Bedagu’(Half an hour) and ‘O Sakhee’( one hour).

          Stuffed with a great variety of novel musical programs that have promoted many budding artists of that period, Dr. Sarvamangala Shankar has continuously kept up her association through her concerts with many renowned Sangeethasabhas like Gayana Samaja, Karnataka Ganakala Parishath, Kannada Sanga- Delhi, Valajpete Venkataramana Bhagavatar Sangeetha Sabha -Selam, Tyagaraja Sangeetha Sabha, kalaabivardhini Sangeetha Sabha, Hamsadhvani Sangeetha Sabha, Karnataka Sangeetha Nrithya Academy , Karnataka Sahitya Academy , kannada Sahitya Parishath etc., along with The Government of Karnataka and the Lovers of Music in Karnataka and Abroad as well. She has been rendering Classical Music Concerts Since 1975 and has won the hearts of the Music Lovers and the public in general. Extending her Musical Concerts to Karnataka Classical Vocal Music, Vachanasangeetha, Bakthi Sangeetha, Sugama Sangeetha etc., she has earned a Wide Spectrum of Varied Audience for her musical performances.

          As a member of Karnataka Sangeetha Nrithya Academy she had organized many workshops for the aspirants in music like ‘Music Camp’ for college students, ‘Rasaswada Camp’ etc., Which have been well received and appreciated by the public domain of Karnataka.

         Her most praiseworthy endeavors in training and directing 1001 boys and girls to sing the ‘Naadageethe’ and other ‘Patriotic Songs’ in chorus at a function “Vijayostava”, that had been organized by the former Chief Minister of Karnataka Sri Ramakrishna Hegade, at Kanteerava Stadium, Bengaluru.

     Besides being a good speaker Dr. Sarvamangala Shankar has presented many number of lectures, demonstrations in respect of Art and Culture, also established herself as profound writer and she has authored many books on Music and Literature and Vachanakaras like ‘ Namma Sangeetha Kalavidaru - Karnakata Sangeetha’, ‘Kalachethana’, ‘Contributions of Vachanakaras to the Field of Music’. ‘Swaravachanas - A musical study’, the relationship of Music and Literature in Vachanas and Swaravachanas, The fragrance of Music in Vachanas and Swaravachanas etc., which have been published by Karnataka Sangeetha Nritya Academy, Sri Taralabalu Bruhanmuth- Sirigere, Basavasamiti - Bengaluru and Akila Karnataka Vachana Sahitya Parishath - Mysuru. She has also written many valuable Research Articles for many Felicitation Volumes and Book Series. She has the privilege to serve as an editor for the bulletins like ‘Sangeetha Rashmi’, ‘Abhivyakthi’ and ‘Shilpa’ Magazine.

        Being a wonderful Music Composer herself, Dr. Sarvamangala Shankar, has composed Music for many Vachanas and Swaravachanas in Kannada. The Melodious rendering of Nijaguna Shivayogi’s Keerthanas, Haridasa Sunada, Shivasharana Sunada etc., have been released in the form of Cassettes and CDs. She sang for a benefit show which was digitally recorded and released by United Kingdom with the title “Sugar Fire” and the entire earnings of which has been contributed to the welfare of the suffering and the oppressed in Africa. She had been invited for rendering her Classical Music Concerts at several places in United Kingdom like Leeds, Manchester, Selby, Hebdin Bridge, New Castel, Birmingham, wake field and Oxford.

         Having served as the Chief of the Music exams of the Bengaluru University, as honored member of BOS and BOE of various Universities and as Research Guide to the Ph.D aspirants, Dr. Sarvamangala Shankar, has been honored with the Coveted Award of “Karnataka Kalashree” from the Karnataka Sangeetha Nritya Academy, Karnataka Government. Many Institutions, Organizations and Religious Centres have felicitated her with the titles to name a few, ‘Ganaganga’- 1982, ‘Ganasaraswathi’- 2003, ‘Kadalishree’- 2004,‘Parvathi award’-2007, ‘Karnataka Kalaashree award’ - 2010, ‘Ramanashree Sharana Award’-2012, ‘Sangeetha Paramparaa Nidhi’-2013, ‘Basavashree’-2014, ‘Sarthaka Seva Bhushana’-2014, ‘Sangeetha Kalarathna’-2014, ‘Sthri Rathna award-2015’ and so on.

          To crown this Musical Saga of Dr. Sarvamangala Shankar, the Government of Karnataka has appointed her as the Vice Chancellor of the Karnataka State Dr. Gangubai Hangal Music and Performing Arts University, Mysuru on 06.05.2014.

          The teaching of Music and Performing Arts, to Organize Programs, both academic and public, to preserve and nurture these arts so as to make the pursuant realize the significance and relevance of the paradigm of arts and their multifaceted applications in today’s technological world and thereby enriching this rich tradition with innovation and research programs - are the main aims of the Karnataka State Dr. Gangubai Hangal Music and Performing Arts University. After having been appointed as the VC of this University Dr. Sarvamangala Shankar has been exhibiting her synergy for the overall development of this University. The following is a detailed list of events and programs held in the University after she assumed charge as the VC of this University.

  1. Except the existence of the Syndicate, no other functional body had been constituted in the University. The Vice – chancellor gave her primary attention to hold regular meetings of the already constituted Academic council, The Finance Committee and other proactive committees like Building Committee, Purchase Committee, Advisory Committee and the Sub Committee of the Syndicate were constituted and continuous regular meetings were convened in the interest of the Universities administration and Academic activities as well.
  2. A well established university library has been set up with a treasure of books, Journals on Music and Performing Arts, to cater to the needs of the students, faculty and the researchers.
  3. Different Statutes and Regulations have been sent to the Higher education Department, Bengaluru for obtaining the assent of the Hon’ble Governor and Chancellor of Karnataka Universities.
  4. Festivals (State and National), cultural programs, seminars, workshops and special lectures were organized to provide the rich experience of the stalwarts and Professors emirates in respective fields for the enrichment of our students and the faculty.
  5. The University has undertaken the audio / video recordings of the great performances of renowned artists. About eight books have already been published by the Prasaranga Unit of the university since one year.
  6. Orientation and refresher’s courses have been conducted for the benefit of the non – teaching staff of the University.
  7. The four month Certificate Courses have been commenced in Sugama Sangeetha, Gamaka Vachana, Folk Music, Bhakti Sangeetha, Hindusthani Tabala, Harmonium, Yakshagana and Spoken English and the first batch has come out with lot of appreciation from the participants and the public at large and above all these courses have no age bar limit and the aspirants should be minimum 16 years of age and above. The second batch has been completed and the third batch is going to commence in Mysore and Mandya.
  8. Funds of Rs. 25 Lakhs from the Kannada and Culture Department to the university had been sanctioned and the entire fund was not utilized in time and sought extension of time and with the efforts of the Vice chancellor the remaining fund has been utilized . Organizing a weeklong Indian Dance Festival that had immensely attracted the Music and Dance Lovers of Mysuru and the public at large.

The experts opinions of the cultural stalwarts:

  1. “We were overwhelmed by listening to your melodies music. By God’s grace, your seasoned voice is made for classical music and your capacity to sing Vachanas, Devotional songs and Keerthanas with their lyrical beauty enhanced by the apt intonation is very admirable”. Pandit Basavaraja Rajaguru.
  2. “Smt. Sarvamangala Shankar has rendered her musical performance for more than two and half hours that had arrested our attention. The presentation of the Thodi Raaga was very interesting with novelty. I admired her proficiency in singing to this great extent”. - Dr. Pu. Ti. Narasimhachar.
  3. “I have listened many time to Smt. Sarvamangala Shankar’s music not only in Sugama Sangeeth but also in many other forms of music with her stupendous knowledge of classical music, Kavyavachana and Vachana Sangeetha”. -Justice Sri Nitturu Srinivasrao.
  4. “I have completed reading your valuable thesis on ‘The contributions of the Vachanakaras to the Indian Classical music’. The work has dealt with all the existing literature on the topic and presented a thoughtful article about the relationship between the Vachanakaras and the then existing musical forms. ‘The rich musical terminology in the Vachanas’ is your great contribution to the field of music”. -Dr. Siddayya Puranika.
  5. “Sarvamangala has developed a distinctive style of her own in both ragalapana and exposition of the swara sequences, following the Pallavi and Charanas. Both Nepogadakunte in Subhapantuvarali and Lakshmi Kantabaro in Mohana were rendered in a highly artistic manner with the Sahitya impressively intoned and blended with the Swara sequences”. -Indian Express 13-7-1983.
  6. “Sarvamangala Shankar made good use of her rich voice to enhance her vocal recital. She adopted a brisk pace and hence the audience had an enjoyable time. The highlight of her singing was a detailed exposition of Begade for ‘Nadopasana. The alapana and the Swaraprastara were done in a scholarly manner”. -The Hindu 13-01-1989.
  7. “The melodies music recital of Smt. Sarvamangala Shankar has vividly presented the variety of Karnatak classical music. The controlled usage of Gamakas, the purity of diction and the powerful imaginative were the salient feature of her music”. -Prajavaani, dated 26.09.1993.
  8. “Sarvamangala Shankar has a voice with a remarkable reach and range, opening with a kannadapada, ‘Vandisuvudadiyale’ (Nata),She won the hearts of rasikas with a scholarly swaraprastara. It was a pleasure to hear ragalapana for ‘Mariveredikkevaru’. The lyrics had proper emphasis and the phrasings were intelligent and enjoyable.” -The Hindu 1-10-1993.

About history background of Dr. Sarvamangala Shankar’s family

          She belongs to a cultural and educational family and having the full co-operation of all her family members.

         Belong to a family of Music and Art; initiated the world of Music by her father and mother Sri S.C. Rajashekar and Smt. Parvathamma Rajashekar respectively. But for their encouragement she reached to this position. Her husband Mr. K.S. Shankar Patel, a Financial Advisor, who is the backbone for her success in career has encouraged and is still encouraging for the upliftment of status in the field of Music and Art. She has twin daughters, one is Dr. Ramya Shankar, and she is a gynecologist. Her husband is Dr. Preetham V. Hooli, he is working as a Pediatrician in Bengaluru. Another daughter Dr. Rashmi S. Manjunatha, she is a super specialization in Diabetes and endocrinology. Her husband Dr. N.P. Manjunatha, he is an ophthalmologist-Eye surgeon, they are in UK. They are well settled and holding good positions.

       Dr. Sarvamangala Shankar has three grand children. She has two elder brothers and two elder sisters, one younger brother, two younger sisters, who were well settled.


  • Handicraft: Dr. Sarvamangala Shankar is interested in handicrafts like stitching, tailoring, embroidery, embossing, flower making and boutique. She has the expertise in making flowers from cotton cloth material and has conducted many workshops and classes to interested students.
  • Drama and Dance: Dr.Sarvamangala Shankar, a multi-faceted artist, has great interest in drama and has enacted in many social dramas during her school and college days like 'Gandsalve Gandsu', 'Bandavaalavillada Badaayi' and “Nanagondu kanaside”.
  • Gardening
  • Interior Designing



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